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Carlsbad Child Custody Attorney Joseph Carnohan helps clients resolve a wide range of family law matters which arise during divorce or separation. For over 27 years, Mr. Carnohan has worked with clients throughout the North County San Diego area in custody disputes.

When couples separate, issues regarding the children often are heart-wrenching and emotional for all parties. Carlsbad Child Custody Lawyer Joseph Carnohan is devoted to offering personalized, caring legal services as he guides clients through this often confusing and frightening process. As an experienced Family Law Attorney, Mr. Carnohan strives to effectively resolve these matters in an efficient manner.

Contact Carlsbad Child Custody Attorney Joseph B. Carnohan at (760) 722-8200 to schedule a free consultation. We can help find solutions for your family during this stressful period in your life.Carlsbad Child Custody Lawyer Joseph Carnohan

Experienced Child Custody Attorney Representation

In California, the law recognizes several arrangements for custody. The court considers numerous factors before determining a solution which would be most beneficial to the child. As a knowledgeable Family Law Firm in this region, we represent individuals in all custody matters, including:

If the court determines that visitation with one parent will expose the child to potential harm, the visitation order may be modified to include supervised visits. If the court later determines there is no risk to the child, the custody and visitation orders may be modified.

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For experienced legal guidance in a child custody case, contact Family Law Lawyer and Child Custody Lawyer Joseph Carnohan. We offer a free consultation in which we will answer questions and offer advice on how your legal matter may be resolved.

Call (760) 722-8200 to discuss your situation with a highly knowledgeable Carlsbad Child Custody Attorney. You may also submit your information on our Child Custody Case Evaluation Form. We will review your situation and contact you to schedule a complimentary consultation. Contact our office to discover the ways Child Custody Lawyer Carnohan is prepared to help you resolve your child custody matter.

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