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Carlsbad Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan has been providing skilled legal representation in child support cases since 1989. As an experienced Family Law Lawyer, Mr. Carnohan is highly knowledgeable on California’s child support guidelines and the way support cases are handled by the court.

If child support is a factor in your separation or divorce, the advice and counsel of a well-qualified Carlsbad Child Support Lawyer is essential in obtaining a fair, reasonable outcome. Call (760) 722-8200 to arrange a free consultation and discuss your situation with Mr. Carnohan. Our Family Law Firm serves clients in Carlsbad and throughout the North County San Diego region.

Experienced Child Support Attorney Representation for Carlsbad, CA

After a divorce or separation, both parents are legally required to financially contribute toward the care of the children. Historically, child support was often seen as unfair to both parents. Currently, the court determines the amount of support based upon a formulaic computer program established by California’s State Legislature. The family court judge sets the child support amount within the guidelines of this computer program.

As a skilled Child Support Lawyer, Mr. Carnohan understands the importance of these numerous factors and he recognizes the significance of presenting specific information such as income, deductions, and debt on behalf of each client.

The following factors are among those considered during the initial determination of child support payments:Carlsbad Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

When extraordinary circumstances are present, the court will consider the situation before determining child support orders. Carlsbad Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan thoroughly explains legal details to clients. If your situation includes an extremely rare circumstance, Mr. Carnohan will clarify your rights and explain how it affects your case.

The law mandates support payments until the date of any of the following actions:

When special health considerations are necessary, child support payments may continue indefinitely.

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For experienced guidance in any type of child support matter, contact the Law Offices of Carlsbad Child Support Attorney Joe Carnohan. We offer a free consultation to discuss the details of your situation. Please complete the Child Support Case Evaluation Form, and Mr. Carnohan will review your information.

For direct access, call (760) 722-8200 and discuss your matter directly with Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan. With over 27 years of experience as a Family Law Lawyer helping clients in a wide range of legal issues, Mr. Carnohan is prepared to protect your rights and help you secure an equitable outcome.

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