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Encinitas Child Custody Attorney and Child Visitation Attorney Joseph Carnohan has more than 27 years of experience advising clients in divorce, separation, and other family law cases. If you need guidance regarding a custody or visitation matter, and you live in Encinitas, North San Diego County, or elsewhere in California, call our office.

Separation and divorce can give rise to deeply emotional legal issues regarding the children. Encinitas Child Custody Lawyer Carnohan works to provide compassionate representation and to resolve these issues. With his many years as a family law attorney, Mr. Carnohan is able to help clients find solutions and complete their separation or divorce.

To schedule a free consultation with Encinitas Child Custody Attorney Joseph B. Carnohan, call our Family Law Firm at (760) 722-8200. Your free initial consultation will include reviewing the case, answering questions, and providing a case analysis.

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In the state of California, various arrangements for custody are recognized. When identifying what will be in the highest interests of the child, the courts consider multiple factors. Our firm understands the issues and represents clients pursuing different types of custody:Encinitas Child Custody Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan

When a family court judge deems visitation with one parent to be detrimental to the child, the orders for visitation may be changed. Supervised visits may be ordered. If the court later determines that unsupervised visits are acceptable, the court orders can be modified again.

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To gain reliable legal guidance on a child visitation or custody matter, contact our firm to make an appointment for a no-fee consultation with our family law lawyer, child custody attorney, and child visitation attorney. If you have questions, Mr. Carnohan will answer them. He will explain your rights and the available options for reaching your legal goals.

To reach our family law firm, call (760) 722-8200 or fill out and submit our case evaluation page. Child Custody Lawyer Joseph Carnohan will review your form and we will contact you to make an appointment for a free consultation.

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