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Encinitas Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan assists individuals with child support cases in Encinitas and beyond. He has almost three decades of experience serving San Diego County and communities throughout Southern California. Mr. Carnohan is a reliable family law lawyer who can guide clients through family court proceedings and help them achieve positive results in child support matters.

If parents are in disagreement over child support, Carnohan Law may be able to help. Call us at (760) 722-8200 to make an appointment for a free consultation. Encinitas Child Support Lawyer Joe Carnohan provides counsel and representation on many child support issues.

Knowledgeable Child Support Attorney for Encinitas, CA

Parents who have divorced or separated are legally obligated to contribute to the care of the children. Although child support was often the subject of contention, it is now determined by family court and a computerized program. By using this pre-determined formula, the judge presiding over the case identifies the proper amount of child support.

Child Support Lawyer Carnohan understands how vital it is that every piece of information going into the child support formula is accurate. This ensures the proper level of child support is ordered. Some elements that help determine the amount of support include the debt, income, and taxes of each parent.

Other factors that come into play when determining child support are listed below:Encinitas Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

If any unusual or rare circumstances exist, the court will take them into consideration before establishing the final child support order. Encinitas Child Support Attorney Carnohan makes sure clients are informed of the important details in the case. If you have questions regarding child support law, your rights, or how certain circumstances may affect the case, Mr. Carnohan is able to provide answers.

In the state of California, the law directs that support continue until one of the following occurs:

When a child has special needs or medical conditions, support may continue indefinitely.

Free Consultation with Child Support Lawyer Joseph Carnohan

To find reliable legal advice regarding all types of child support issues, call Carnohan Law. Encinitas Child Support Attorney Joe Carnohan offers a no-fee consultation so that individuals can receive answers to questions and find out how best to proceed in the case. To reach Encinitas Attorney Carnohan, our contact and evaluation form can be filled out and submitted, or you may call our office directly at (760) 722-8200.

Child Support Attorney Joseph Battle Carnohan has nearly 30 years of experience as a family law attorney. He is committed to helping clients with support issues and other family law cases.

Encinitas Child Support Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan