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As a skilled Child Custody Lawyer, Joseph B. Carnohan works to create effective legal solutions in many types of family law matters. With 27 years of experience, Mr. Carnohan handles cases in Fallbrook, in the North County San Diego area, and throughout California.Fallbrook Child Custody Lawyer Joseph Carnohan

Whether the parents are divorcing or legally separating, the custody of the children is often the paramount concern. At which parent’s home will the child live? Which parent will make important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing? Is it possible for both parents to participate in raising the child? In California, the courts favor outcomes that are in the child’s best interest. Fallbrook Child Custody Attorney Joseph Carnohan works diligently to create solutions that will work for each unique situation.

If you are involved in a child custody dispute, contact Fallbrook Child Custody Lawyer Joseph Carnohan at (760) 722-8200. He offers a free consultation to address your concerns, answer questions, and explain your rights.

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Family law issues involving children are often the most emotional. Fallbrook Child Custody Attorney Joseph Carnohan helps families resolve these challenging issues in an efficient and effective manner. California law identifies the following child custody arrangements.

Legal Custody

Legal custody involves the health and welfare of the child. Being granted legal custody allows a parent to decide on the child’s healthcare, education, and religion, in addition to other important factors. Joint legal custody refers to both parents participating in the decision-making process for the child. If one parent is unable to make these types of decisions for their child, sole legal custody may be given to the other parent.

Physical Custody

Physical custody involves the child’s actual physical living situation. When both parents share the parenting time, the child spends equal time with each parent. In this type of joint physical custody arrangement, the child may live part of the week with one parent and live the rest of the week with the other parent. If the child lives full-time in the residence of one parent, the other parent has visitation according to a predetermined parenting plan. In this arrangement, one parent has sole physical custody.

After the court determines the child custody arrangements, these court orders become final. In the event the situation changes significantly, Attorney Carnohan can represent your interests during the post-judgment modification. If child support is a factor of your divorce or legal separation, Family Law Attorney Carnohan can help you understand your rights while he advocates for your interests in child support matters.

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