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Oceanside Child Support Lawyer Joseph Carnohan

At the Law Offices of Oceanside Child Support Lawyer Joe Carnohan, we have been successfully representing clients in Child Support matters throughout the region since 1989. A highly skilled attorney who possesses extensive experience handling Child Support cases, Mr. Carnohan  has an in-depth understanding of how California’s complex guidelines are applied on a case by case basis.Oceanside Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

If you are presently involved in a dispute regarding Child Support, it is essential that you retain a knowledgeable Child Support Attorney who has the experience necessary to obtain a fair and reasonable outcome in your favor. Contact the Law Offices of Oceanside Child Support Attorney Joseph Battle Carnohan at (760) 722-8200 to make an appointment  for a free, personalized consultation.

Located in Oceanside, Child Support Lawyer Joseph Carnohan has more than 27 years’ experience representing clients who live throughout all of North San Diego County as well as the surrounding communities. Call today to learn how Mr. Carnohan can put his knowledge, skills and experience to work on your behalf.

Child Support Lawyer in Oceanside – How Child Support is Calculated

All parents are required to provide support for the care of their children after divorce or permanent separation for unmarried couples. After many years of subjective Child Support rulings that were often deemed unfair by both the custodial and non-custodial parents, the California Legislature decided to codify a formula for the determination of Support. However, this formula is not only highly complex, it may be confusing even for attorneys. As a result, the courts utilize Computer Programs to decide the amount of the obligation.

There are numerous factors that are taken into account with respect to this matter. A knowledgeable Oceanside Child Support Attorney such as Mr. Carnohan knows how to present specific income, debts and deductions to the court during litigation over the matter. Regardless of how an agreement is reached, the amount of support must fall within state guidelines.

Although there are certain situations wherein the court will allow a deviation from the Support Guidelines, such as in the case of high earners, this is extremely rare overall.

The following factors are examined and reviewed prior to a Judgment for Child Support being entered. These include the following:

There are other factors which may be taken into account based on extraordinary circumstances. Oceanside Child Support Lawyer Joseph Battle Carnohan will thoroughly explain what may qualify for extraordinary circumstances during the course of your case, however these situations are extremely rare.

By law, Support is payable until the following takes place:

The parties may reach an agreement to continue child support through college, however this is not required under the law. If any of the children have special health needs or medical issues support may be ordered indefinitely.

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