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San Marcos Child Support Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan has nearly 30 years of experience helping individuals resolve child support cases in San Marcos and across Southern California. Mr. Carnohan is well qualified to guide clients through the legal process involved in many family court matters.

In situations where parents disagree over child support, Family Law Attorney Carnohan may have the answer. Please call our office at (760) 722-8200 to make an appointment for a no-fee consultation. Mr. Carnohan is a knowledgeable San Marcos child support lawyer who is able to successfully represent and counsel clients in many support matters.

Reliable Child Support Attorney for San Marcos, CA

Parents who have separated or divorced are still obligated by law to contribute properly towards the care of the children. Unfortunately, support is often the subject of much contention. Family court procedure directs that their established formula be used to accurately determine the amount of support to be paid.

It is important to verify the accuracy of all data used in the calculation of support. This ensures that the appropriate amount is identified. Child Support Attorney Joseph B. Carnohan helps clients ensure accurate information regarding taxes, debt, income, and other factors.San Marcos Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

Other considerations taken into account include the following:

If special circumstances exist, these will be taken into account by the court when determining final support orders. San Marcos Child Support Attorney Carnohan diligently works to make sure important details are considered by the court. Clients are also informed regarding how the case is progressing and whenever any new developments arise.

To make arrangements for a free consultation with San Marcos Attorney Joseph Carnohan, call our office. At Carnohan Law, we help individuals understand how the law may affect their case regarding parental rights and other important matters.

State law mandates that support continue until one of these following requirements are met:

If a child has special needs or medical conditions, it is possible that support will be ordered indefinitely.

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For reliable counsel regarding the full range of family law and support issues, including advice on how to deal with enforcement matters, contact San Marcos Child Support Attorney Carnohan. Our family law firm can be reached by dialing (760) 722-8200 or by submitting a contact form.  Our knowledgeable family law lawyer is ready to answer questions and help resolve your case.

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