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Vista Child Support Attorney Joseph Battle Carnohan has years of experience assisting clients with child support issues in Vista and throughout Southern California. For nearly three decades, Mr. Carnohan has been guiding men and women through various child support matters and family court proceedings.

When the parents do not agree on child support, our family law lawyer may have the solution. Contact our firm at (760) 722-8200 to schedule an appointment at no charge. Our knowledgeable Vista child support attorney can advise and represent individuals in many types of child support cases.

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Divorced or separated parents are still required by law to help care for the children. The subject of child support is susceptible to much disagreement and contention. However, the determination of the amount of child support and to whom it will be paid is now determined through a computerized formula. This formula allows the judge to properly identify the correct amount of support.

Child Support Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan knows the importance of every detail that goes into the calculation of child support. Accurate information assures that the proper amount of child support is identified. Various factors are considered in the determination of support, including the income, taxes, and debt level of both parents.

Some additional items that are considered in child support determination:Vista Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

Any unusual circumstances will be considered by the family law court before the establishment of the final orders for child support. Vista Child Support Lawyer Joseph Carnohan works to ensure pertinent details are brought to the court’s attention. He also keeps clients informed regarding the progress of the case. Call our law firm to arrange a consultation with Mr. Carnohan if you would like help understanding the law on child support, parental rights, or whether certain circumstances could affect the case.

Under California law, child support will continue to be paid until one of the following circumstances occurs:

In situations where a child has a special need or medical condition, child support could be ordered to continue indefinitely.

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You can find dependable legal guidance on many types of child support matters at Carnohan Law. Call Vista Child Support Lawyer Carnohan at (760) 722-8200 and make an appointment for a free initial consultation. We will answer your questions and help identify the most sensible way to proceed with the case. Our case evaluation page can also be used to contact our family law attorney.

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