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Escondido Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan offers reliable counsel with almost three decades of experience advising clients in Escondido and elsewhere in Southern California. Attorney Carnohan is able to guide individuals through family court cases of many kinds.

When two parents find themselves unable to agree on support matters, Family Law Lawyer Joseph Carnohan may be able to resolve the situation. To speak with Mr. Carnohan during a free consultation, call (760) 722-8200 and schedule an appointment. As a knowledgeable Escondido child support attorney, he has successfully represented and counseled clients on a variety of support issues.

Experienced Child Support Attorney for Escondido, CA

After a separation or divorce, parents are still legally obligated for the financial care of their children. The subject of support has unfortunately become a point of contention in many family law cases. California family law courts use a formula to determine the amount that should be paid.

When calculating support, it is vital that the information used is accurate to ensure the proper totals. Child Support Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan can assist you in identifying the needed information regarding debts, income, taxes, and other important factors.Escondido Child Support Attorney Joseph Carnohan

Variables that can affect support include the following:

When there are special circumstances to consider, the courts will examine these before determining the final amount of support. Escondido Child Support Lawyer Carnohan uses his experience and in-depth knowledge to ensure all pertinent details are introduced and properly considered.

For a no-fee consultation with Escondido Attorney Carnohan, contact Carnohan Law. Our firm helps individuals navigate the courts and explains how their parental rights and similar matters may be impacted by their case.

According to California law, support continues until certain requirements (one or more) are satisfied:

In cases where a child has a medical condition or other special needs, support could be ordered on a permanent basis.

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To find trustworthy advice on support and family law matters, call Escondido Family Law Attorney Carnohan. He can help with support enforcement as well. To reach our reliable family law firm, dial (760) 722-8200 or use our case evaluation form. Mr. Carnohan has the skill and experience needed to help you with your questions and guide your case to a resolution.

Escondido Child Support Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan