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The Law Offices of Oceanside Lawyer Joseph Battle Carnohan has been representing Family Law clients in a wide variety of issues for more than 27 years. A knowledgeable attorney who fights vigorously to safeguard the rights of his clients, Mr. Carnohan possesses in-depth knowledge of all areas pertaining to divorce, including child support and enforcement of Child Support orders.

Whether you are a parent whose former spouse or partner has fallen behind on payments, or are the obligor parent and have experienced an accrual of back child support (also called child support arrears) and are seeking out an experienced Support Enforcement Lawyer, Attorney Joseph Carnohan can help!

Please call Oceanside Support Enforcement Attorney Joe Carnohan at (760) 722-8200 to schedule a free, comprehensive consultation with a leading Family Law Lawyer. Located in Oceanside, CA, Mr. Carnohan is pleased to offer representation to clients throughout North San Diego County as well as the surrounding communities.

During your consultation, Oceanside Support Enforcement Lawyer Joseph Battle Carnohan will review all of your information and provide you with a detailed legal analysis of your matter. He will thoroughly explain all of your legal options so you possess the information needed to make educated decisions regarding your case.

Support Enforcement Lawyer in Oceanside – Joseph Battle Carnohan

If you are owed back child support, there are numerous steps that Oceanside Support Enforcement Attorney Joseph Carnohan can take to help you collect the monies which are owed to you. If the exact amount of money in question is disputed, Mr. Carnohan will file a Judicial Determination of Arrearages on your behalf.

A court will then review all payments received, and enter an order that sets forth how much money your former spouse or partner owes you. This amount will include statutory interest of 10%, which begins to accrue dating back to the time the first whole payment is missed. If you have only been receiving partial payments, it will date back to when the first whole payment was skipped. Oceanside Support Enforcement Attorney Joe Carnohan

Additional forms of Support Enforcement may include the following:

If you are the obligor parent and have fallen behind in your payments, Oceanside Support Enforcement Lawyer Joseph Carnohan provides experienced legal representation in Support Enforcement cases, whether they are brought privately or by the County. If the County becomes involved, they possess additional means by which to collect, including:

A seasoned negotiator, Support Enforcement Attorney Joseph B. Carnohan will make every effort to work with the Department of Child Support Services or opposing counsel to set up a repayment plan on your behalf.

If, as a Support Obligor, you have experienced a loss in income due to no fault of your own, it is crucial that you file a Petition for Child Support Modification immediately to prevent falling behind in your support obligations.

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If you need assistance with Support Enforcement, either as the obligee or the obligor parent, please complete our Case Evaluation Form or contact the Law Offices of Oceanside Support Enforcement Lawyer Joseph B. Carnohan to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

Call (760) 722-8200 today to speak directly to one of North San Diego County’s leading Family Law Attorneys. In practice since 1989, Mr. Carnohan possesses the skills and experience needed to help obtain a fair and reasonable outcome on your behalf.

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